We offer professional search in the following Industries/Domains:

  • Information and Technology
  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance.
  • Manufacturing, Energy & Engineering
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Hospitality & Retail

Information & Technology

The advancement in the technological sector has resulted in a great boom in Information Technology. This has therefore led to an increased demand for the professionals in this industry. The increased literacy rates have definitely helped in meeting up the requirements of the industry.

We are instrumental in providing the most efficient and dedicated workforce that can prove to be productive for the progress of the companies. We have been successfully catering to the needs of the clients at both national as well as international level.

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance

  • The Indian BFSI Sector has seen considerable growth in the past two decades. Many national and international Banks, Financial Institutions, and Insurance companies have established offices in different parts of the country.
  • Thus, the need for proficient professionals in the fields of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance is very high. Owing to a large databank of suitable candidate profiles, we undertake hiring for all job roles such as Bank Managers, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Cashiers, Financial Advisors, Financial Analysts, Clerks, etc.

Manufacturing, Energy & Engineering

Manufacturing is the base for product development organizations. It is impossible to function without a dedicated Manufacturing/ Production Division for several sectors such as FMCG, Automobile, Textile, Electronic Goods, etc.

Cretal has established a large databank of candidate profiles with relevant skills, qualifications, and experience for different Jobs in the Manufacturing Division. We undertake hiring for junior to senior level positions in the Manufacturing Division as per the requirements of the clients in the minimum possible time.

Engineering provides the much needed technical support to various sectors, paving way for growth. The need for proficient Engineers is always high. Addressing this need, we have developed a database of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, and experience in the field of Engineering.

Cretal is in a position to undertake hiring for junior to senior level positions in all streams of Engineering. We have the best candidates for Jobs in Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc.

Healthcare & Pharma

A job in the Medical/ Health Care/ Pharmaceutical Sector needs lots of dedication and patience with the necessary qualifications and skills. The need for professionally-qualified and skilled professionals is always high in these sectors.

Cretal is in contact with several interested professionals who possess relevant experience and qualifications for Jobs such as Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, etc.

Hospitality & Retail

In the past few years, Hospitality and Retail industries in India have significantly increased. This has contributed to the growth of the Hospitality and Retail Sector as well. In all parts of India, several Guesthouses, Hotels, Motels, Rest Houses, Resorts, etc. have been established. And need of resources also increased.

We efficiently cater to junior to senior level manpower needs of the Hospitality and Retails Sector owing to a large database of candidate profiles with relevant qualifications, skills, and experience.

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